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We offer a composite boatbuilding & repair service within Hong Kong and the surrounding area.

Whether it’s Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber or other composite materials, we have the expertise and materials needed to get the job done right.


We offer a full range of rigging services, from rig checks to replacements.

We can offer dyneema & carbon rigging for those seeking the lightest possible standing rigging available. Or wire and rod rigging for more conventional applications.

Custom components.

All custom components are designed in house. 3D renderings of the finished product can be offered to the client, to help better envisage the final appearance before production.


We have the skills to produce components with aerospace materials, such as Carbon fiber, Kevlar & Nomex honeycomb.

With a full range of lathes, 3 axis & 5 axis CNC machines available, we have the capability to produce Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Fiber & Other Plastic components. 


We can offer a full range of finishing treatments, like Anodizing, Polishing & Teflon Coating. 

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