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Composites & Repair

Composites  & Repair Services

At Carbotech we pride ourselves in giving the best quality service in the area and in offering a top quality service over a wide range of products.

Composite lamination.

Carbotech provides a comprehensive Carbon fiber, kevlar & Fiberglass lamination service.

We use Prepreg, resin infusion and hand laminating technics to produce custom components and prototypes for all industries and requirements.

If your a yacht owner in need of a bowsprit, boom mast or spreaders, we have the skills necessary to produce you parts.

Composite repairs.

We also offer a composite repair service for Yachts and Automotive impact damage. From body panels to hull extensions and full structural rebuilds.

Painting & Recoating.

If you have sustained cosmetic damage through unfortunate events or just general uv deterioration of you varnish or paint work, we are happy to assist with recoating and rectification.

Automotive components.

For the automotive enthusiasts we can help with design and production of your new carbon hood or spoiler. 

Composite Tubes & Stanchions.

At Carbotech we supply and manufacture carbon fiber & fiberglass stanchions, made to achieve a much higher strength component then those made from Stainless steel or aluminium.

Composite tubes are laminated to fiber requirements and orientation of our clients.

Carbon fiber, kevlar, s-glass & e-glass available.

Composite Materials.

We stock a wide range of composite materials and can supply customers with DIY projects or production facilities.

If you require infusion, vacuum bag, CFRP and FRP materials please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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