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Rigging Services

At Carbotech we pride ourselves in giving the best quality service in the area and in offering a top quality service over a wide range of products.

Rigging Inspections And Consultations

Carbotech provides a comprehensive rigging inspection on all masts to vessels located within Hong Kong and throughout Aisa. We inspect all running and standing rigging. All rigging termination points are visually inspected. Sheave pins and sheaves inspected, spreaders, furler or headsail foils, and all gooseneck fittings. We have formulated a check list that covers over 60 points, but will inevitably find additional points while doing a rig check, as every vessel is different.


Sailboat Rig Servicing

We also check all light fittings, blocks, cars, tracks, clutches, winches and any other hardware. A complete cleaning and crack testing of all rigging ends & pins, can be added if the mast is being pulled. We provide a detailed report of our findings, including suggestions for any additional parts and work required.

At Carbotech we also offer a consultation service to assist you with both troubleshooting of in mast furler and in boom furler systems as well as with selection of any new rigging parts, from winches or furling gear, to a new mast, no job is too big or too small.

Rigging replacements.

We also can assist with re rigs if your rigging has passed its use by date or considering changing from wire to rod or PBO. 

For backstays we offer covered dyneema setups for a lightweight option, to replace Kevlar and PBO which is prone to uv deterioration. 

Winch Servicing

Servicing your winches regularly not only improves their longevity, but also greatly improves performance. Correctly cleaned and lubricated winches will operate faster, and require less force when grinding.

We can service all of your winches professionally, on site, in a matter of a hours. 



Our riggers are highly competent splicers, capable of splicing any line from basic polyester double braids, to covered Dyneema, we can assist you in selecting the correct line for the correct application. Be it a weight saving halyard for a race boat, or a topping lift for a cruiser. We have our lines custom made to better match them to there application.

Hardware Installation

At Carbotech we can supply all hardware relating to your mast and deck, for all brands of masts. Our team of expert riggers will guide you through getting the right equipment for your boat.

We supply many top of the line models of headsail furlers, including Selden Furlex , Harken and custom furlers designed in house.

We can also provide servicing and spare parts for existing systems to ensure efficiency and reliability.

We supply a full range of blocks, clutches, cars and travelers from the leading brands Spinlock, Harken, Selden, and Ronstan. Be it a cruising boat wanting to maximize ease of use for all of running systems, or a high performance dinghy or racing yacht wanting to minimize weight, we will provide a product suited to your needs.


New Sails And Sail Covers

If you’re considering replacing your sails or sail covers, please get in touch with us through our CONTACT US portal. Our team has decades of experience in both cruising and racing and we’ve partnered with the most talented and detail oriented sailmakers and canvas specialists in Hong Kong and Australia to offer you a comprehensive sail replacement service.

Our sail replacement service includes:
Consultation – we’ll help you choose the sail material and cut that best suits your needs.

Measurement – For yachts in Hong Kong we can come and take measurements to make sure that your new sails perform optimally. We’ll also advise you regarding the variety of sail covers, mainsail storage systems, and sail furling systems available.

Installation – when your crisp new sails or sail covers are ready we’ll come out to your vessel and install them, to make sure they fit and perform exactly as needed.

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